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Welcome to
Calvary Nursery School

"Play is the work of childhood"

At Calvary, we offer a hands-on, integrated teaching approach where learning doesn’t take place in one lesson, but rather throughout the day and in everything we do. While letter and number sense is most important, we believe that learning them doesn’t have to be via worksheets. Learning the basics is more concretely absorbed through our daily rhythm, like counting how many times we ring the morning bell or how many friends are sitting in the circle. 

  • We focus on creating an awareness of and an appreciation for, the natural world and our role within it.

  • We cultivate kindness and mindfulness, and empower children by celebrating each child's unique strengths.

  • We value and follow children’s natural pull towards play by providing purposeful material that allows for exploration and self discovery.

  • We believe that learning and playing are intertwined, and that “play is the work of childhood” ~Jean Piaget.

Our annual traditions create a culture in which each family becomes a part of the Calvary Family; taking great pride in our little school by the sea.

Virtual Tour

Visit our little school by the sea virtually! Please contact us with questions about the upcoming school year at 860.535.0398.

A Calvary Day starts with the beloved tradition of ringing the bell, followed by learning through play and exploration both indoors and out!

A Calvary Day

A Calvary Day

Meet our experienced and creative Director and Head Teacher.

Meet Our Director

Calvary goes beyond the ABC's and 123's to bring many other opportunities for learning and enrichment. 


A Calvary education takes place inside and outside. Explore our learning environment. 

Our Classrooms

Obtain more information on enrollment and begin a Calvary experience for your child.


Calvary is a registered non profit. All contributions go directly to our Operating Fund.


Read about our little school by the sea in local news outlets.

In the News

Events at Calvary bring our families and our community together. Please join us!


We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your child's preschool experience, or arrange a tour.

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Parent Testimonials

"Since starting Calvary, my children have developed an increase in their joyful curiosity about learning through play. With warm, engaged teachers they belong to a school community that encourages meaningful relationships. They can’t wait to get to school and once I pick them up— they talk happily about their school day, their friends and their teachers."

— CNS Parent

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