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Wander Often, Wonder Always


Claudia Murphy - Director & Head Teacher 

Claudia is originally from Argentina where she lived until she was 10 years old.   She grew up in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University where she earned a BA in Psychology and Early Childhood Education.   After graduating she chose to pursue a career in finance where she spent 20 years as a Foreign Equity Trader in an International Investment Bank.   Claudia took a couple of years off after leaving Wall Street and eventually decided to go back to her first passion – teaching.   She worked as an ELL tutor for the New Canaan School District, working one on one with non-English speaking students and their teachers in grades K-8.  In 2011 she was took a position as a permanent sub at the New Canaan Nature Center and in 2012 was offered full time position.   During that time she has taught children ranging in age from 2-5.  While at the Nature Center, Claudia along with her team conducted the majority of their classroom “work” outdoors.  There, the daily curriculum consisted of writing on snow or forming letters using sticks, tapping maple trees and making syrup, creating igloos or lean-to’s and feeding the animals in the school’s 40 wooded acres.   Claudia relocated to Charlestown RI in June with her husband, four children, and 2 black Labs where she enjoys all things to do with life at the beach.  Claudia loves paddle boarding, boating, is an avid beach walker and knitter, but she also treasures the art of just sitting in quiet contemplation.

Nina Jacomini -  Teacher 


Nina is originally from Brazil, where she earned a B.A. Modern Languages and a B.A. in Portuguese and Spanish Teaching at the University of Sao Paulo. While an undergrad, Nina spent one semester as an exchange student in Argentina and another semester in Uruguay, complementing her academic background in Spanish and Spanish Literature. Prior to moving to the US, she worked in education in Sao Paulo, teaching elementary school through middle school and developing teaching materials for several grades.

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