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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are always available to answer any questions that you may have about our school. It is our goal to provide open communication and to ensure the best possible experience for your child. Please contact us at any time to schedule a conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Calvary Nursery School is affiliated with Calvary Episcopal Church. What kind of religious exposure do the children receive? 

Though the school is indeed affiliated, we welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds. Children have one 30-minute Chapel lesson each week that is led by Reverend Gillian Barr of Calvary Episcopal Church. These weekly lessons focus on instilling the fundamental values of love, kindness, generosity and forgiveness. Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter are celebrated at the school.

What kinds of enrichment opportunities would my child be exposed to at Calvary? 

Calvary collaborates with New England Science and Sailing (NESS) to learn about our local habitat with experienced educators. Children also have music and movement and chapel time on a weekly basis. Students learn life skills and valuable lessons of democracy in an every-day classroom experience as well as S.T.E.A.M. integration in the program. Calvary's program is play-based and nature-focused. Children go off-campus for adventures and exploration in Stonington Borough. Additional enrichment experiences include special guests covering various subjects and/or reading.

How often can I expect to receive communication from teachers as to how my child is doing in school?

Regular communication between parents and teachers is critically important to supporting our little ones and making sure they have the best possible experience to feel comfortable and succeed at their own pace. To that end, Calvary staff and board members are always willing to schedule a dedicated time to speak, listen, share, understand, and communicate with parents. On a regular basis, Calvary teachers catch up with parents during pick-up and drop-off and also send a weekly recap to parents sharing photos and and information on what the children did that week. 

My work/family schedule would benefit from scheduling flexibility. Is it possible to have my child attend different days during the week?

We understand that some children benefit from more or less time at school during the formative years and some families have different work schedules or multiple children's schedules to manage. We allow you to select which days work best for your family between our 2, 3 or 5-day programs and you have the option of enrolling your child for half-days (8:00am - 1:30pm) or for full- days (8:00am- 4:00pm). For example, some children attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday, others Monday through Friday, while some are full-day and others are half-day. and others have concluded that a different schedule works best. We simply ask that you commit to those days as we must plan accordingly to accommodate other students.

I have a busy work schedule and household. What is required of parents? 

There are very minimal asks of parents because we know that this season of life is demanding for young families. We have a rotating schedule where we ask families to bring in a healthy, nut-free snack for the class or wash the snack table linens. Simply put, whatever you want and are able to do is perfect. Some parent opportunities for involvement include reading to the class, helping the children with food preparation, volunteering for school events, or accompanying the class on a Stonington Borough excursion. Parents and caregivers are always given notice of our special family-inclusive events such as Thanksgiving Chapel, Special Person's Day, May Day, and more!

Do you offer financial assistance? 

Calvary offers financial assistance for qualifying families. We also offer sibling discounts for families with more than one child attending at the same time.  We participate in Care4Kids.

Is Calvary an NAEYC-accredited school? 

Currently, CNS is not NAEYC accredited. However, we do follow all NAEYC guidelines per their accreditation process.​

How does Calvary address the needs of children with allergies?

Calvary is a nut-free classroom and a nut-aware campus. If a child has a different type of allergy, teachers will make every possible effort to ensure the child is safe and comfortable. Teachers are trained in administering epi-pens, which are on hand in the event of an emergency.

What do I need to pack for my child to attend school?

We are a waste-free campus, so we ask that you pack a healthy lunch for your child in a lunch box without wrappers. As we go outside in all variations of weather and temperature, we also ask that children come prepared for the elements with boots, hats, mittens, snow suits, and rain gear. No child will worry about the rain or snow if they are dry and warm while playing in the elements.  We want children to love all weather, but more importantly, we want them to wander and wonder about our natural world. Many of our days are filled with outdoor fun and creative expression, so please pack a change of clothes just in case!

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