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Not your typical preschool

A Calvary Nursery School education is more than just the ABC's and 123's. It is an experience for both the children and their families, offering enrichment and community. 



Oh the treasures that Mother Nature bestows upon us! So many wonderful lessons to learn and ways to be amazed! Children are exposed to nature as curious researchers. Some lessons are intentional and others happen during outdoor play or adventures. There is always something to behold and an opportunity to teach science. Students may learn how a spider spins a web, how a pumpkin decomposes, how a nest is made by birds, how animals hibernate or migrate, how a seed grows into something else, and in general appreciate nature’s symbiotic purposes and the cause and effect that nature has in our every day life.



Children enjoy music education one morning each week where rhythm, song and dance work to build on children's intellect and social, motor and language skills. 



Calvary employs an integrated approach to introducing Spanish as a second language to preschoolers. Vocabulary is introduced in an organic way, such as interchangeably using English and Spanish to identify colors and numbers. Students ring the “campana” or “bell” each morning to start their school day. 



Calvary seeks to empower youngsters by providing them with tools to find peace and calm in a world in which at this time they have little control.  Mindfulness allows children to take note: to stop, to breath, to calm themselves physically or mentally.  We dedicate time to practice our breath both indoors and outdoors, but our goal is that eventually children will learn that they don’t need to be in our circle or even in school to take a needed breath, they can do it anywhere and by themselves.  Other mindful tools we use are yoga, tai chi, and both sitting and laying down meditation .



Adventures in historic Stonington Borough are fun, creative ways to learn off-campus. Students love looking for nature treasures in the marsh, learning about lobster fishing, and playing in the Borough playground. We partner with New England Science and Sailing (NESS) where we learn about our local habitat with their experienced educators. Meeting our local firefighters, librarians and other people in the neighborhood is part of the full learning experience.



Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math are subjects that are introduced at an early age in a variety of creative methods at Calvary. Every day children are creating, building, counting, learning cause and effect, and exploring nature. 



Throughout the year, Calvary children learn the value of service; giving to others in need or lending a helping hand. The students learn life skills and participate in preparing meals and giving through planned drives supporting various community organizations. Instilling goodwill at a young age and letting children help in the process gives them the confidence and the tools to be charitable citizens at any age.



Calvary Nursery School is affiliated with the Calvary Episcopal Church. We welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds. Chapel time is held each week with lessons that instill the fundamental Christian values of love, kindness, generosity and forgiveness. 



For over 25 years, Calvary Nursery School has carried over its beloved traditions for families to enjoy. Some traditions remain in its philosophy; such as maintaining a natural aesthetic and focus on nature, play values, and providing students with social and life skills.


Other traditions are kept in Calvary events such as the Annual Halloween and 4th of July parades, Thanksgiving Chapel and Parent Breakfast, Christmas Market, Special Person’s Day, May Fair, and various  forms of community outreach. 

Each and every school day is begun with the children ringing the church bell nine times to mark the start of the day at nine o’clock and singing, “It’s A Calvary Day!”



When your child attends Calvary, you become part of the Calvary Family, supported by teachers, current and past student families, Calvary Church parishioners, and local businesses and organizations. All are committed to fostering a safe and fun environment where participation, fellowship and fun build community.

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