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Our Philosophy

The preschool years stand as a bridge between home and grade school. At Calvary Nursery School we choose not to hurry children across the bridge, but allow them to proceed at their own pace through the medium they enjoy most, joyful play. Children’s inherent love of play, when nourished in a supportive environment is later transformed into enthusiasm for learning and still later into creative and insightful adult thinking. Significant play is a child’s real work and the best possible preparation for life.

Because young children so deeply imitate and absorb their surroundings, at CNS special care is taken to create an environment that is beautiful, harmonious and secure. We follow the circle of the year through music, storytelling, watercolor, poetry, crafts, seasonal tasks and hikes around the village. We strive to develop within the child a love of life and a joy for learning. The children’s imagination unfolds in play with simple, natural playthings and furnishings. Frequent forays outdoors will awaken the innate curiosity children have for nature. A respect for the environment will be fostered with hands-on discovery and appreciation for seasonal offerings from the landscape. A secure daily and weekly rhythm with caring, supportive adults will encourage children to flourish and grow strong and confident.